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Women’s Jiu Jitsu (beginners/no-gi): Women’s Jiu Jitsu Class Spot

Women’s Jiu Jitsu (beginners/no-gi)

What the tribe is saying.

This is the most amazing, supportive place! I love the Movement class because it’s so unlike any other exercise class I’ve ever been to. I’m using my brain to think through movement patterns and not realizing how much I’m working my body. And I love the changes in my body: I’ve lost weight and added strength and flexibility.

“I started taking Britten’s classes in October. I had been struggling to find a workout that both challenged and motivated me without irritating some previous injuries. Since working out with B i have seen a definite increase in my strength, agility and overall mobility- and here’s the amazing part… I haven’t had my injuries flare up in months!”

Brit has great knowledge of movement and how to create specific shapes with the body.I would recommend her classes to anyone especially someone into dance and creative movement like myself.