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Gymnastic Fundamentals

What to expect.

For those who have a curiosity about gymnastics skills as an adult but want to start learning with a slow controlled method, this class is for you!
In GF, we will discover the fundamental pushing and pulling movements + handstand progressions with control as the training intent. This is because gymnastics at its core is a practice of mastering movements by displaying levels of body control, no matter the skill level. This one hour class places this as an emphasis through the “time under tension” training method. This means you will not only become incredibly strong in the upper body and core (and hello fun new skills) but you will also be safely progressed from any starting point. Beginners welcome!
Wear comfortable clothing for inverting or moving into straddle positions. Bring a water bottle and be prepared to work barefoot.

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Dec 08 2022


9:00 am - 10:00 am


Women Only


Panorama Movement
2643 Milton Ave Memphis, 38111


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