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Barbell Fundamentals

What to expect.

The barbell is an incredibly empowering tool and very effective in training the lower chain. Our glutes quads and hamstrings are strong big muscles that respond best to load (they need it!) and often times our common pain points (aka low back pain, knee dysfunction or pain) need lower chain movements with load in order to live pain free or move better.
In this method of training, this class places control and quality movements as the focus. You will also learn about fundamental lower chain movements that are paired with the barbell, gain a deeper understanding of form, become incredibly strong and developed in the lower chain (hello glutes & legs!)
For those who want to learn to squat with control or want a high quality starting point with the barbell, try this 60 min class. It is lower chain focused. Some upper body pushing/pulling may enter programming but also with a time under tension method. Wear flat shoes and be prepared to work barefoot.

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Nov 30 2022


1:30 pm - 2:30 pm


Women Only


Panorama Movement
2643 Milton Ave Memphis, 38111


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