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Our Mission

Panorama Movement’s mission is to empower women by creating a trailblazing training space that places women first. We believe that the feminine energy is best served when led by other women and training outside of the male scope is what best serves the female body. Within this mission we aim to create a space for women to train with other women, build an uplifting energetic community for women to grow and thrive while also creating opportunities for women in fitness to build their own brand; opportunities that make room for collaboration or to build their own career path towards independently driving their own business.

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Our Team

Britt Bailey

Panorama Founder, Kinstretch Memphis Founder, Fitness continuing education provider

“Britten Bailey is a native Memphian and founder of Panorama Movement. She has spent the past six years providing mobility education and mobility-focused group fitness training to the Surrounding area.

She possesses the skillset of progressing complex body histories, individuals who experience pain or limitation in the body, & training those who experience lingering limitations from old injuries.

She also has a passion for creating safe spaces for women to explore strength training in ways that are more specific to the female body; in ways that empower and uplift all women.

Her educational background is in behavioral neuroscience, public health education, sexual health education, Pilates, yoga, FRS certified in: FRC, FRA, Kinstretch, & Strength. She is known as the Mobility expert of Memphis.

Nikki Veit
ACE Certified Personal Trainer SFG I, SFL Nikki Veit (rhymes with “might”) was born and raised in New York and then kicked off her training career in Chicago before finally moving to Memphis in 2019. She’s been working as a fitness trainer since 2015 and her passion is to educate and empower women to get strong AF, both in the gym and in daily life. She loves encouraging women to lift heavy weights, whether it is a dumbbell, barbell or Kettlebell, but she is particularly fond of Kettlebells—aka the “gym in handle”. When Nikki first got into Kettlebell training, it unleashed a realm of opportunities to build major strength, increase cardio endurance, and have FUN within each workout–both for her own journey and her clients’. Nikki is a firm believer there is no better feeling than pressing heavy shit overhead—she guarantees the strength you build in the gym will help build confidence in other aspects of your life. Join her for a Kettlebell class and she promises you will learn the power of the bell!
Robin Morris
SFG, SFL, FRCms, CPT, Pn1 “I am ROBIN MORRIS and I believe that every single human deserves to feel STRONG and move well. Feeling sore and stiff most days is just crappy and unnecessary. My passion is to inspire people to crave that strength and I am here to take the intimidation out of it! The gym is a scary place and kettlebells even MORE so if you’re unfamiliar with them. Take it from a woman who couldn’t do a push up until she was 22 (guilty)- I hear you! So let’s do it together and see what you’re capable of! I look forward to bringing you all creative workouts every week that allow you to challenge yourselves and PUSH your abilities. And hell, maybe you’ll do a thing or two you didn’t think you could do! How cool would that be?”
Robyn Thatcher

Mystical Forest Creature, Suspected wizard

As an accredited instructor certified by the American Athletics and Fitness Association, she covers a wide range of training techniques, and enjoys engaging in all types of joyful movement.
At Panorama, Robyn teaches a nurturing Recovery class that guides participants through gentle and deep stretches, Yin and Restorative yoga poses, Breathwork, self massage, and meditation.

Robyn is also Panorama’s Reiki practitioner, and offers healing sessions out of her home.

Desha Nelson
NSCA-CPT® Crossfit L1 Born and raised in Aurora, IL, Coach Desha came to Tennessee where she participated as a D2 collegiate athlete graduating from Union University with her BS and later perused her CPT certification with ACE. Coach Desha later enrolled back into school to peruse her MS in Applied Exercise Science with a concentration of Strength & Conditioning and has since received her CrossFit L1 certificate. She is currently preparing to take her CSCS exam to further her spectrum. Coach Desha is so passionate about her career and helping others that she has started her own strength and conditioning business, FitnessGOALS by “D”, established 2017 and has been very successful. “Fitness has changed my life and I plan to show others what it can do for them in their lives.”
Amanda Kirkman
Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Brown Belt 38 year old Denver native, who started jiu jitsu in 2015. BJJ Brown belt Master’s Worlds Gold Medalist in 2020 ( at purple belt). Former ballet and lyrical dancer with Ballet Nouveau Colorado. Passionate about all things real estate, my man, cats, living below my means, and healthy eating. Oh, and people, I love people
Brandi Shea
NASM certified personal trainer, USA Weightlifting 1, and Crossfit Level 1 trainer Brandi Morgan’s passion for movement developed through her own health journey. After battling health issues and having two babies she discovered that movement empowers and can heal. She loves seeing others gain their strength and confidence through Movement while learning to connect their mind and body. She is a NASM certified personal trainer, USA Weightlifting 1, and Crossfit Level 1 trainer. Her first love is the barbell and Olympic lifts. Getting a barbell/weights in women’s hands is one of her passions, it gives women something to focus on other than taking up less space and how to actually enjoy the process of becoming the best version of themselves.
Lindsey Przylepa
CrossFit coach at Deep River Fit in Memphis and owns LindseyPGymnastics Lindsey originally grew up in Toronto, Canada. She competed in gymnastics at the national level, both providence and nationwide. After retiring from gymnastics, she competed in competitive national cheerleading, winning both national and world titles. After moving to the US at the end of 2015, Lindsey decided to join CrossFit and quickly developed a passion for the sport and the community. Lindsey has a BA in psychology, post-graduate diploma in Behavioral Science, a M.Sc in Forensics Psychology and a Post-Baccalaureate in Clinical Psychology. She is a full time CrossFit coach at Deep River Fit in Memphis and owns LindseyPGymnastics – a company that specializes in crossfit gymnastics, kids/teens crossfit and travel seminars.

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