What is Pan-Move?

PANORAMA MOVEMENT is a movement-based gym community where we help people to move better, get stronger, in order to become healthier, happier, more productive humans.

How is a movement-based gym different?

It simply means that we are placing an emphasis on moving and feeling good in the body in our training. We not only examine your individual movement capacity but also teach you how to do the same. You learn how to make choices in your training based upon your bodies cues. You learn the whys behind the work. You learn real life application to pushing, pulling, crawling, and floor work through creative forms of games, play, and physical training. We have fun but we are also thoughtful about our fun.

Why train movement-based?

It will completely change your relationship with every physical task in your daily life. 

A common answer is that it changes how you live in your body outside of class time and when we can make those changes, that’s when the entire body and self changes; this is part of our approach at Panorama. Other added bonuses are the awesome skills you will acquire along the way (such as a first handstand at age 50 or a resting squat that’s as low as the ground and feels fluidly available with no warm up); These things occur naturally when our training makes us feel good after every rep, creates physical results that make you optimally human, and radically changes how you live in your body. 

Your relationship with the ground is waiting. Come Move with us and try it out!

How to Start?

Free Trial

Welcome to the family!

We love having new members in the space. Your first class is on us! Come take a complmentary Pan-Move class and find out what a good fit it will be for your movement practice. We look forward to meeting you.

What to bring/wear

It is required that you reserve your class spot for every class/open gym since we follow a small groups training method. Click below to start now. 

What to bring: Panorama Movement follows all govt mandated rules regarding mask wearing and COVID-19 , wear comfortable clothes, wear shoes you can move in, bring your own water bottle, and it is suggested to wear long pants for Movement Flow 101.

Have you taken your first class and want to stick around for more?




The Drop-In Rate includes one single class.

New Student Package


This Package includes 5 classes.


**All classes require registration**

Private coaching is available for booking
M – F
7 AM – 12 PM.
Text us at +1 (901) 921-1261 to reserve.